Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mental Bank Ledger

What is the most productive use of my time?  What about my time am I willing to trade and for what.

At this time I would like to build and have a hypnotherapy practice.  and now I am willing to "advertise" to the 22,000 people that live in the zip code 93117.

I believe that when I focus my attention on relieving or removing Test Anxiety,  I am very skilled.  I will do it per session and the session may last anywhere between 150-30 minutes.

The first 5 people to purchase mental-bank-ledger will get 3 free sessions.
I know it takes a lot of guts and may be ? to see a "new" kind of therapist.  I dare you google: is Hypnosis Real?  and you'll find out about that it is not magic, It's removing the barrier(s) of your subconscious that gate itself from changing old habits and rememberd feelings.

You learned how to fret a test, Then you sensed that anxiety during the test relearning that feeling. And you may now, learn how how to go into a deep state of trance where your conscious allows you to accept positive new feelings before during and after you take that test.

You don't have to believe, just participate; your physical body will feel confident and your mind will be at it's peek close to the studding and learning you have done.  Your other mind visualizes  6 month's from now and will see feel taste and sense a colorfull vibrant large video of you ace'ing ALL of your tests.  You Started, You Study'd and you will have been breathing confidently all throughout the test you have taken.

The reason why I am giving 25 free sessions, (I don't get paid from the ledger that  is a direct link).  I want you to use the ledger because it pays you to use it.  I'll explain to you how it works.

I'll prove with this first step that I am a Great Hypnotist.  And It really does work.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How safe is your Time-Currency

How safe is your time-currency.
I mean if a (computer)administrator can kick me off of e-flux's
time bank for making 1 request that was outrageous. You'r time currency
is worth zilch(meaning you lost everything because of assumptions made by the administrators of e-flux time currency)
I am saying this because my original e-flux account was banned. without notice or explanation.
I posted something - to demonstrate a point.
I wanted to trade a million hours for help creating a computer game.
And my account was banned.
This is bad faith and just wrong. and I would like a written apology.
How do you think businesses get off the ground?
yes I would be able to pay off the million hours owed, from the people
who(earn) hours to pay for the game.
This is not unreasonable - But I think the problem is in how time-banking (at least online) is approached.
I am going to make a decentralized way of trading time
FEATURES of Monilo
Provides an Equation that show's you the true value of your time
Everyone is there own mini- time bank and can issue notes that is accepted by other time-banks thru protocol
transactionsthat are peer to peer
transactions could be bonded by Monilo (or another company)- meaning if someone's time-bank rips off you, you could get that value back thru the bond(insurance)
And it will support the local and global economy
With that said I have been Volunteering somewhere that gift's you gift cards for the time you spend.
So I am going to ask them to gift my credits to e-flux
How long do you think it will take to Approve the transaction. I am still waiting for one to go through and it's been a week.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

ATTN: Celebrity, A Proposal for your Perusal - Celebrity Art Auction

    Hi my name is Brian Carpenter.
I have recently started an operation
called and .org.
The idea is simple. I wish to send you
a blank canvas upon which you paint
what you like and sign to:

    My company is my attempt to cope
with  my diagnosed schizophrenia
and to remove myself from Social Security.
To this end I will conduct online auctions of
celebrity art.

Proceeds will be split %10 to
and 90% to the charity(s) of the artist's
choice. While my company is for profit,
it's sole purpose is these charitable
endeavours.  Your involvement would
be much appreciated and hopefully
rewarding for you.

Brian Carpenter

UPDATE: My Diagnosis Has Changed.  I am not schizophrenic I have Asburger's or High Functioning Autism.

This is good because it was those drugs that where making me CRAZY now I am off of them!

More thinking like an actual Non-profit will be used when I pursue this idea. Thanks