Thursday, January 17, 2013

Open Source Gaming and Nvidia - The Future is comming

This is exiting for anyone that likes to develop. after reading about the new steambox with valve and nvida it seems like a small time gaming developer could make some serious money.  Remember 2nd life?  It was so popular because most of it was "user" generated. and user's could open stores etc.

Check this style of game out

and for every coder this is good inspiration on how games could start. (which it was in python)

I have played games that you can by a ruby instead of paying with gamming gold.

what if that ruby was a legit python object? and you can write programs for the (general)game that requiers ruby's

I like empire, but its all about micromanaging that can be fun and annoying.  what if you combined a time based game with a first person shooter. the user can "Hire" fighter's or swich between gamming consoles etc.

For further insight what if you could integrate your ubuntu phone to this general gaming system.

What I would really like to do is create a payment gateway for gamming that takes into account cycles and storage.  I really think that gamming on the cloud will be a future, what if you could share code with your gaming clan?

the user's gamming experience can be customizable to a great extent.  Can't wait.

PS I really don't like the interface, but everyone should check out

This is a nvidia press confrence about cloud computing and is a must watch

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